1. chancepress:

    As a sometimes-publisher/bookmaker, I have a hard time with Nobrow books, since everything they do is so perfect it kills me. Paper, printing, binding, etc - always simple, always top-notch, eugh. I first saw this book at APE, and I was excited to hear that Marion Fayolle would be at MoCCA, since I had wanted a signed copy.

    Two things:
    1) This is a unique sketch - she uses sponge painting over a stencil to create the main figure and then highlights it with a very small-gauge rapidograph pen. Neat. 
    2) I was hoping she would have brought copies of Nyctalope, the comics magazine she edits in France. I asked her about it, and there was a bit of language barrier, leading me to try to speak to her in French. There’s a special humiliation speaking the world’s most beautiful language to a native French speaker, especially when you’re more “puking it up” than “speaking” it. Long story short, I’ll probably buy some copies through the mail and will post pictures of them.

  2. chancepress:

    I was really happy to find the work of Frederic Cloche at MoCCA (he was tabling with his publisher, Fremok). I bought a couple books (including a really elegantly produced miniature book) and got some sketches too.

  3. chancepress:

    Swarte sketches! I owe quite a bit to Joost Swarte for doing these sketches and to Bill Kartalopoulos for bringing him stateside. From the top, here is the 30/40 portfolio that I made, Quintet, Bijna Compleet (the Dutch edition of Is That All There Is) and Leporello. I had about 10 more books, but thre was only so much time. I’m totally stoked with these four, let me tell ya.

    It’s incredible to watch him draw these sketches, by the way. He’s very deliberate, but everything is impossibly precise, with the pen straight to paper (no pencil underneath) rendering everything absolutely perfectly. 

  4. chancepress:

    White Cube by Brecht Vandenbrouke, published (in English) by Drawn and Quarterly. Another really cool book I picked up at MoCCA.


  5. andreatsurumi:


    (Photo: Jody Culkin)


    Somehow suddenly it’s spring and MOCCA Fest 2014 was in the 69th regiment Armory this weekend. It was the 2nd year the Society of Illustrators has run it and in addition to the welcome return of the red curtains there was a rearrangement in the floor layout….

  6. kickstarter:

    Saying Hi to Kickstarter Creators at MoCCA Arts Fest

    Beneath the watchful eye of a giant floating Charlie Brown, we visited the MoCCA Arts Festival this past weekend and caught up with some fantastic project creators. There were great Kickstarter-funded comics to be found all over the festival — above are just a handful of the creators we saw (and managed to take photos of). Pictured:

    Great seeing everyone — now go back some projects and read some comics!

  7. anujink:

    I had a wonderful time at this past weekend’s MoCCA festival. Kim and I were hangin’ tough at our table. It was great to catch up with old pals and meet some new people. I didn’t get to see nearly as much as I wanted, and even missed the chance to speak with some folks. Hopefully paths will cross again at the numerous other events throughout the year. Much love to all who were able to come out and show their support.

  8. cmbutzer:

    Had an awesome time at the MoCCA Fest this year! Bravo to the Society of Illustrators by completely revitalizing an event that had pretty much sunk.

  9. jeremysorese:

    Mocca this year was great!

    If you came out and bumped into these goofs here I just want to say THANKSTHANKSTHANKS. It was my first Mocca fest and I couldn’t be happier with the weekend as a whole.

    Next stop, TCAF! Where I’ll be tabling with the unstoppable force Hannah K Lee!

  10. coinop-nyc: